How to recover coins when transaction does not confirm?


I am also experiencing the transactions not confirming issue and I’m very worried I may lose my coins.

I am buying coins. The taker fee and Deposit transaction ID are both confirmed. The seller opened a dispute which was resolved, but the ‘Disputed payout transaction ID’ is not confirming. I also made a withdrawal transaction which of course hasn’t confirmed either. I think now it is not possible to open a ticket.

How can I resolve this and recover the coins?

While we wait for bigger blocks, try the ViaBTC transaction accelerator:

The fixed trading fee is unfortunately causing that issue in times when the blockchain get spammed. The backlog was pretty high the last days (70k instead of normal 5-10k unconfirmed txs).
We will use dynamic fee for the next version to fix that. But as that change will be not backward compatible we cannot roll that out before a bunch of other bigger changes are finished as well.
The transactions will get confirmed so you just need a bit more patience. It can take several days in the worst case though. But no worry nothing is lost, it just takes longer as it should.

That’s great to hear.

Thanks for your reassurance. I look forward to seeing the future developments. Great to see all the amazing things that can be done.

The transaction accelerator worked within an hour for the first payment. I am curious to know what would happen if a transaction was never confirmed and will look up more details on how the service works.

Thanks for your help guys