How to rescan wallet?

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to force BitSquare to rescan its wallet for unspent inputs? I am specifically interested if it will either re-submit tx that have been dropped from the mempool or else (preferably) return the balance of said tx to my BitSquare wallet.

Original message follows:

I’ve been using BitSquare regularly over the last few weeks but have encountered a small problem. Namely, two withdrawals have failed / got stuck / never propagated:

On Nov 12, 2016 9:36:52 PM, Withdrawn from Wallet, sent to 17U76RYtmrd3ccBhTQjAMywTf18gtpKwBR, txid 50ac7428a1d5ab4cf905feab80a5d4e3bc579142d8e152cf704b0d4a57bfd11a

On Nov 12, 2016 4:16:32 PM, Withdrawn from wallet, sent to 18fPYhMkNTHpieudteMbLQfVTJaPNeUV1P, 4fb9de848ae387c04ec0ee74b801e930641ebaf473af790b5ed0faf54bbd52f7

Together these tx exceed 2 BTC.

I would like to know how to force BitSquare to rescan its wallet for txs that were never submitted and re-submit them, or (preferably) drop the tx and return the balance to my BitSquare wallet.

Thank you for reading and I hope someone can assist.

Please check first if the balance displayed in the “emergency wallet popup” (open with cmd+e or ctrl+e) matches the balance displayed in the UI (available for withdrawal).

To resync you can delete the Bitsquare.spvchain.
It is in the app data directory. On OSX it is here:
/Users/USER/Library/Application\ Support/Bitsquare/mainnet/bitcoin/Bitsquare.spvchain

Please backup first the app data directory.
Alternatively if that does not help you can also delete the BloomFilterNonce.

And 3rd possibility is to recreate the wallet from the seed words.

All three methods might screw up the internal state of the wallet.
So I would recommend that you first wait until all trades/disputes are completed and remove all offers.

There is also a hidden double spend feature if all the above does not help, but that is a bit experimental.
Again before doing anything of the above do a backup so in case anything get screwed up we have a change to recover.
Also save the seed words.

Thank you for your reply! As stated on reddit (I will consolidate posts to here,) this problem is two-fold:

First, as mentioned above, some of my withdrawals never hit the blockchain. The total unconfirmed balance exceeds 3 BTC split between 3 tx, 2 of which are mentioned in the OP. Their balance is not included in the “emergency wallet popup.”

Second, I now have one trade in dispute whose deposit tx never confirmed and a second with ~10 hr left, whose deposit was similarly never confirmed. So I must wait to resolve these issues before moving on to try and recover the coins that are marked as having been withdrawn without actually ever having been confirmed…

I suppose that this problem will not be resolved for several days.

I feel bad for my trading partner (same partner for both stuck trades now.) We have had >10 successful trades, then two back-to-back failures that are seemingly my fault. But I never did anything manually, but rather allowed BitSquare to fund trades/offers via its internal wallet.

Love your platform, by the way. Outstanding work.

I sent you a PM…

The mining fee issue can be solved but it is a bit of effort and I did not had time yet to implement that.
If people would follow the instruction in the popup to always pay at least the 0.0001 btc fee when funding bitsquare most cases would be avoided.
But seems the last days 0.0001 was too low even.
All tx inside Bitsquare have 0.0002 btc and should not cause issues. when withdrawing you can see the fee payment as well and adjust in the settings.
I will prob. increase the defaults a bit in the next version.