How to retrieve bitcoin from a broken Bisq client?


I have a Bisq client on an old laptop that would not start, it is stuck at the “Tor node created” loading phase. My new laptop with a newly installed Bisq client works normally.

I have some Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash in that old client’s wallets. I’d like to transfer those amounts over to my new laptop that have the working Bisq client.

Can someone help?


what is your Bisq version on the old laptop ?
what is your OS ?

Please, avoid trying to use simultaneously 2 Bisq clients with same account(s) on different computer. That brings generally only mess.

Litecoin and Dash are not more supported as base currency since long time.
Not sure how easy it is to resolve such issue.

Since those to alternative base currencies are not supported anymore, you will need to remove your wallet password and export the private keys with alt+j.

As for Bitcoin funds left in your wallet, you can either do the same as above or try to get it to work and withdraw the funds normally.