How to run Bisq on two computers

I’d like to run Bisq on both my laptop and desktop with the same wallet, history, reputation, etc. Is there any way to “copy” it from one computer to another?

Hi this is not advised.

It is fine to copy it from on computer to another if you are moving / transferring the Bisq wallet.

It is not possible to switch between the same version of Bisqs installed on different computers. Trade info is all locally stored so it would result in corrupted wallets and instances not being aware of where trades where up to.

Might be better to run two separate instances that have different wallets but export / import your payment methods onto the two instances.

Thanks. I appreciate the advice.

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Good explanation, but what if I am away from my desktop, and I simply want to use my Bisq account with my laptop , how to I go about it ? Do I just log in using my credentials? Will anything be affected ?

You could use something like logmein or teamveiwer to access your trades on your desktop from your laptop.

Alternatively you could have a separate Bisq instance on both your laptop and desktop.

Does it mean I can’t log in with my 12 word phrase and wallet date in two separate computer device at same time ?

Yes, that is correct.

Bisq is designed to run as a local instance so cannot be run between two computers.

the 12 word phrase is “just” your wallet seed, you don’t use it to log in (as there is no log in with bisq, actually), you just need it to have bisq use the HD wallet associated with that seed to trade.
In case you REALLY want to use your laptop with bisq while away, you could use VNC as server/client keeping your home pc turned on, OR you could mirror the home data directory to the laptop and use that while you are away, making sure the desktop is turned off, and when you get back, restore the data directory on the laptop to the desktop, and after that wipe said data directory from the laptop to avoid the risk running two inconsistent states of the same instance.

Short answer, don’t do it, it’s not officially supported.