How to select or edit a paying bank account

Hello all,
i have 2 bank accounts registered with bisq, in 2 different countries
I was under the impression to be able to chose the account i will pay from…
But that does not seem to be possible.
How can i select a certain account as default before i enter a trade?

Some specifics might help? Normally you can choose during the time you accept the trade

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OMG! who who sees is king! You opened my eyes… didn’t see it initially.
And I assume there is no way to change a bank account AFTER a trade was accepted?

once selected its set for that specific trade. with each new trade you can choose which account you want to buy/sell from.

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Hi. It also happened to me. I want to accept an offer to sell btc, and the bisq app selects one of my bank accounts which is not the one that I want. Once pressed the bottom bisq does not allow me to change my bank account. Cannot I select a default prefered bank account?

If you have multiple payment accounts for the selected trade, Bisq will generate the following message:

:information_source: Multiple payment accounts available.
You have multiple payment accounts available for this offer. Please make sure you’ve picked the right one.

You will be able to pick your desired payment account after selecting the trade.

Make sure you are using the latest Bisq release.

I know what is displayed, but reality is you can not change the account after another one was selected.

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Oh. I see what you mean. You cannot change the account after initiating the trade.