How to send cash with ATM

My first trade with ClearXchange went great! My next trade is not going so well. It’s a cash/ATM trade.

I have the seller’s bank info, but I can’t find an ATM what allows me to send cash to a account that’s not connected to the card I put into the ATM.

I went to two different ATMs to try. I even went to an ATM at the bank the seller has the account. I still couldn’t find an option to send to an account other than my own.

Do I need to find a particular type of ATM? Am I missing something on the ATM’s menus?

Help please.

Can you do a regular cash deposit? I mean go to a branch of the sellers’ bank and deposit to the sellers’ account.

I have no idea how ATM deposits work, sorry. I’d guess you wouldn’t put in your card. Just enter sellers’ info and put cash in?

The two different ATMs I went to wouldn’t do a thing without inserting a card and PIN number. Then, I could only do transfers, withdrawals, or deposits, with accounts associated to the card I inserted. These ATMs would not allow me to enter a routing number or account number.

I couldn’t do a cash deposit because it was Saturday afternoon and banks are closed. But now it’s Monday morning, so I’m going to go do a cash deposit into his account. His bank is less than a mile from me. I just have to wait a couple of hours for it to open.

I just don’t know why it says “cash/ATM” trade??? Do ATMs in other countries allow you to send funds to any account as long as you have the routing number and account number? Because I don’t think they do in the USA. At least they don’t in California.

If you select that you live in USA in Bitsquare, there shouldn’t be a “cash/ATM” option. It should be “cash deposit @ sellers bank”.

Yes we will fix that. In other countries u can do that (AU, some europe countries)

I’m new to the bitsquare platform myself and was wondering the same thing.
“ManfredKarrer” is correct, some countries allow this. AFAIK, USA does not.