How to send money to Bisq?

I have already added my bank account and have chosen (national payment method). I would like to buy Monero, but i have no idea what to do after i have added my banking info.

Can anyone else help me out?
Thanks in advance.

You don’t really send fiat to Bisq, it is P2P, so you will need to send it to the other trader once the trade starts.

Also all pairs have Bitcoin on one side currently, so you will need to buy BTC first and than Monero.

Hello @maxim595 ,
Did you read this document : ?
If not, you can give it an eye.


So i have to buy bitcoin via blockchain wallet, binance, kraken or wherever and then send it to bisq wallet, right?

No, you can buy Bitcoin in Bisq with fiat, it is just that you can’t buy Monero directly with fiat.

Only time when you need to use another exchange is for your first trade if you don’t have enough bitcoins for a security deposit. Although it is recommended to lend some from a friend instead (or use a Bitcoin ATM) instead of registering to a centralized exchange and lose your privacy,