How to set up the bank account to sell BTC

Hello, I am new here and there is a bunch of info floating around so it is hard to sift through. Basically I am going to set up an Interac-E-transfer account soon so i can transfer some CAD from my Canadian bank to bisq and buy some BTC. My question is, how do I set up the account so that I can sell BTC and use those CAD funds to send back to my bank via interac-E transfer?

Thanks for any help

Bisq can’t take any funds. You just send your CAD to your peer through a normal Interac-E-transfer.
To indicate your peer from where you are going to send the funds, you need to set up an account at Bisq.
This data will only be shared with those peers you are trading with and, in case of need, the mediator.

Welcome to Bisq. Hope your first trade goes well.