How to setup Arbitrator?

First coins have made it to Bisq wallet, now I have coin for transaction deposit but I cannot set up any trades without arbitrator. How do I setup arbitrator?

Update: Using most current version of Bisq, checkbox selected, currencies selected, payment methods setup, altcoin setup…

Still unable to click on trades without error “You don’t have an arbitrator selected”

Go to Account > Arbitrator Selection
make sure you have the correct language selected.
Select the checkbox > Auto select all arbitrators with matching language.

Maybe that will help?
If not, the mods here will certainly be able to help you.

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There shouldn’t be any need to select arbitrators manually, since they should be selected by default.

Perhaps you just need to create a national currency or altcoin account now to start trading, if you haven’t already.

Try to restart, there are 2 arbitrators online, just checked…