How to spend bitcoins in Bitsquare

Hallo to everybody,
this is my first message.
I just built a new account onto the application and found my wallet whit some fraction of bitcoin.
Now I wan’t to know: how can eventually i transfer bitcoin from the local wallet, or buy anything?
Note that I’m not a programmer and my unique approach to Bitsquare is by the GUI.

Thank you!

everyone is using bitsquare as a gui. thats what it is :slight_smile:
so i cant tell if you have transferred your bitcoin to the local/builtin bitsquare bitcoin wallet?

if you need to transfer your bitcoin from your personal wallet to bitsquare, just send it to one of the address in the ‘depsot funds’ tab. you need about 0.0315 btc in your wallet to make a trade. the .03 is a security deposit that will get refunded.

what account did you create? what do you want to buy? fiat? crypto?
you need to create another “account” for what you want to buy.
if you want to buy a different cryptocurrency, you need to create an address/have a wallet EXTERNAL to bitsquare so that the other party can send that crypto to that address you own. put this address in the account section of bitsquare.

you dont need to create a fiat account if you only want to buy other crypto with your bitcoin.

for more info search youtube for bitsquare videos or read the faq

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Ok, Thank you Shrike.
In order to test Bitsquare I made one first deposit in the local/builtin bitsquare wallet. But I’m very (stupid) newbe and I made an insanely big 0,07 BTC deposit. Only now I understod the game of the two “account”, one for deposit and the other for currency. Yesterday I make a tentative to return this amount to my external wallet using the CMD-E system. Now my found are in the limbo because this method do not include any fee and no one of the miner won’t process it. What can I do? Wait until this orphan transfer return at “home”?

Thank you for your patience…


Sounds like that should be a problem only for the older versions. Newest version of Bitsquare has updated fees and it should be possible to transfer the funds. Are you using the newest version

I used the hidden function (CMD 4) for empty the wallet, and this function do not allow any fee setup.
But, if I restore the wallet from backup, the found will return? An eventually double spending is not a problem, everything is internal at my wallets.

I don’t know, but I doubt it. You should wait for Manfred to reply, but it seems to me like it was forgotten to adjust the fees on withdrawals in the newest version. :smiley: We will see what he says.

Why u used the emergency wallet tool? As the name suggests it should be used ONLY in emergency cases.
The withdrawal screen should be used to transfer out BTC.
Unfortunately there was a bug in the current version which uses the min. fee for a tx made with the emergency wallet tool, so your tx might not get into the blockchain.
We need to double spend it with a fresh wallet (using the wallet seeds) but as the internal wallet data are not synced with your tx I need to help her manually.
I will PM you for further instructions.

Thank you Manfred for the patience. I solved the question thanks to ViaBtc a transaction accelerator.
Now my account is at 0 and I’m ready to transfer the right amount of BTC on the internal wallet to manage the first transaction.

Thank you again…