How to start the arbitration process?

Hi all!

I’m new to Bisq. I’ve a trade that went into mediation. The mediator made a payout suggestion on March 23rd. I accepted the suggestion right away, but my trade counterpart is offline (he neither accepted it nor rejected it).

I can’t wait him any longer. I want the dispute go to arbitration, but I don’t see a way to do that in the Bisq client (GUI). How do I start the arbitration process?

I think as long as your trade partner has not accepted the proposal, you can open the proposal again and click ‘reject and request arbitration’ after 7 days.

The arbitration only becomes available after 10 days for altcoins and 20 days for national currencies. Counting from when the Deposit transaction gets one confirmation.

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Thanks @huey for the reply. The trade is for fiat, and the deposit tx was confirmed on March 1st, which is more than 20 days. The trade is eligible for arbitration, but I don’t know how to initiate it from the Bisq software (GUI).

Thank you @invertedbob for the reply.

The mediator’s suggested payout is in my favor, so I don’t think it makes for me to reject it.

Is there another way (within the bisq software) to request arbitration without rejecting the mediator’s payout suggestion that I already accepted?

If there’s no other way, then I’d do it. But I want to make sure I’ve exhausted all other options before rejecting the mediator’s suggestion.

You can accept it, if your trade partner goes online and accepts it too, the issue is resolved. If he doesn’t come online you can click reject to request arbitration. Same as when your trade partner rejects, it will also go to arbitration.

Okey, I’d that. But it is weird and counter-intuitive to reject a mediator’s suggestion if the payout is in your favor. Anyway, I think this behavior should be documented in the Bisq software or website.

I agree, i was equally confused. It got explained to me by somebody more knowledgeable on keybase as well as the mediator. Just passing it along.

@invertedbob @pr234 I don’t understand the confusion. The Mediator suggests an outcome and if you agree with it you accept it. What am I missing? Or do you mean that it is counter-intuitive for the other trader to reject the outcome it it was in their favor?


I just rejected the mediator’s suggestion, and the Bisq software broadcasted a tx (I think it is the time-locked tx). I went to the arbitration window and it was there; the arbitration has started. Thanks everyone!

Why did you reject the outcome suggested by the Mediator if you agreed with it?

Because my trade partner is offline; he neither accepted the suggestion nor rejected it. I’ve bee waiting for him 7 days.

Was there another option to request arbitration withou rejecting the mediator’s suggestion?

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I understand it better now. And no there isn’t another alternative. What you did seems like the only way.