How to Transfer Bitcoin into External Wallet and Replace Original Wallet

I just placed some BTC into my Bisq BTC wallet, but I’ve decided that I’d like to send it back. That BTC was purchased from a centralized vendor. So, I’d like to empty my wallet completely of it. I know very little about how Bisq functions. So, I have very little understanding of how I can transfer funds from my Bisq BTC wallet. How do you transfer funds out of Bisq?
I would also like to create a new BTC wallet in Bisq and discontinue use of this one. How can I create a new BTC wallet and make it my primary wallet instead of the old one?

Go to Funds > Send funds, check that “Use all available inputs” and “Amount includes mining fee” are enabled, then “Fill in your destination address”, and I advise you to enable “Use custom value” near “Withdrawal transaction fee”, and set that down to 2 from 10 (if mempool allows and/or you can wait something longer for the tx to confirm) so you can save on fees.

Also BEWARE that if you also own some BSQ, you should move that FIRST as it will need some BTC on the Bisq wallet to pay the fees, and also you will have to run two Bisq instances at the same time, so the procedure gets some more convoluted.