How to update really old version?

I’m on a mac running a very old version of Bisq. Version 0.6.2. It was having trouble updating itself, so I had to manually update it, which I did not do.

I want to update it now but I read a warning that people with an open offer should not update to v1.2 until the offer is disabled. I know I had an open offer.

What is the best strategy to manually update Bisq now?

Note: When I opened the app today, it synchronized with Bitcoin Mainnet. Then it stayed on ‘Hidden service published / P2P network Peers: 1’. It will not move beyond this initial screen.

Hello. To disable an offer you need to go to PORTFOLIO > MY OPEN OFFERS and disable it.
How long does it stay stuck in that screen and have you tried restarting Bisq?

Hi, I left it for around 15 minutes. It buffers the ‘Hidden service published / P2P network Peers: 1’. Sometimes 2 peers. So I can’t get into my portfolio to disable the offer. I restarted Bisq several times.

You can try to back up your current Bisq folder somewhere, deleting it and restarting the newest version (1.2.7).

For a more detailed support, please DM me.