How to upgrade from 1.4.2 to current and retrieve wallet and failed trade locked funds?

I have had a corrupted installation of Bisq 1.4.2 with funds in wallet and mucho locked funds in failed trades that hasnt been able to start because of corrupted SPV data & Corrupted tor client for a long time.

Is there anyway to carry my trade history and wallet contents, and age to v.1.9.x?

Specifically is there any way to use the 1.4.2 client since we’ve migrated to TORv3?

Keep the backup just in case, update Bisq and change Tor address. Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki
That way you could at least use the emergency wallet to retrieve all the funds from locked trades.

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hey thanks for the reply. Just posted on matrix as well.

I think I get it. so confiigure to have two installs…the inoperable but backed up 1.4.2 (torv2), and a clean install of 1.9.x ( with a new torv3 address)?

I suspect I lose my account aaging and verefied fiat accounts as well? is there anyway to export that data from the 1.4.2 version from the CLI, without starting the network interfaces? I mean 1.4.2 accepts my password, I just cant get past 3/4 and into the interface to perform the exports and expose keys?

You can export payment accounts. Restoring application data - Bisq Wiki
Reputation will probably be lost though.