How to use cXc to fund buys if i have BOA account?

I am a new bitsquare user. I can’t fund my wallet via wire transfer from BOA. The software says to uses cXc. I tried with cXc but they said I can’t use their service since I am a BOA account holder. How do I fund my wallet with a checking account or cXc? Is there an easier way to fund?

I tried to send btc from another wallet to fund the wallet in bitsquare but popup says opening a default wallet app has failed. The software won’t allow me to receive coins. What is the default wallet app? What am I missing?

Thanks for your help.

I’ve had issues with cXc in general for different reasons (Wells Fargo)… seems for some reason the site doesn’t want to register me.

Anyways, I don’t think you are supposed to ‘fund’ your account with cXc. I think you are just supposed to use it as a method to pay the person directly. If I’m not mistaken you pay the people directly and don’t hold USD on bitsquare itself. (?)

Since it glitches to start with in terms of signing up, I don’t know if I should really trust the app with making sure my payment is processed. Seems there has to be a better way to pay/get paid.

Yep. I guess that’s how p2p works in regards to method of payment. BS app says I need to be setup on cXc platform. cXc won’t allow me to establish an account due to BOA involvement or partial owner of cXc. I just don’t want my first trade to end up dispute. Any suggestions?

That is correct. Bitsquare is decentralized, so no one other that traders can hold your fiat, cryptos however are locked in multisig with the arbitrator while trading.

I use BOA with clearxchange. When I went to the clearxchange site to sign up, it just directed me back to BOA’s site. I think if you just go under the “Transfers” menu and setup the stuff to “Send money to someone” it is the equivalent of setting up clearexchange. That’s where I’ve made all my payments to others for BTC that were listed as clearxchange. Not sure if that menu is available for you in the BOA portal or not. Hope that helps.


Yeah, I think that it is the same with Wells Fargo as well. It seems to me that if you set up your SurePay stuff up right, you are essentially “signed up” or “registered” with cXc automatically since the bank itself runs through cXc now. I still haven’t requested/sent a payment through it yet, but I’m curious to try it out. Does any one know if this is how it works with Wells Fargo (or any other ‘default’ bank with cXc)?

I’ve used Bitsquare for about a year now. I have a CapitalOne bank account, which is one of the ClearXchange (cXc) member banks. So, in my CapitalOne web interface, under the “Payments” tab there’s a “P2P payment” option. That’s actually a cXc payment, but its not identified as such anywhere in CapitalOne’s user interface. It opens a separate person to person payments tab in my browser, which I was then able to bookmark, and it takes my CapitalOne log-in credentials to log it and send cXc payments.

I suspect part of the confusion for a lot of US bitsquare users is that member banks don’t seem to label their P2P payment interfaces as “cXc” and so folks aren’t sure if that’s where to send a cXc payment or not.

I just looked at the help/faq section in Wells Fargo SurePay under my account, and I think I found the answer to my question. I’ll copy and paste what I found under the “How do I receive money?” tab:

When someone sends you money, you will be notified at the email address the sender used to send you money. If this email address has not yet been registered, you can update your existing contact information, or register the new email address. Your mobile number will not be eligible to receive transfers until it is registered with WF SurePay or clearXchange.

clearXchange is a network of banks that allows customers of other financial institutions to receive money with WF SurePay.

Customers of member banks can use their bank’s online banking to register, and customers of non-member banks can go to clearXchange to register. Current member banks in the clearXchange network are: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, US Bank, FirstBank, Frost Bank, and TD Bank

So to me it seems as if it isn’t required that you do the actual “signing up” if you are a member of the current cXc member banks; as long as you have your email and phone registered with your associated bank who is in the “member bank” list.

If you’re in the US with a mobile phone number in your name, great! However, with the clearXchange rebranding to Zelle, they’re requiring 2nd factor authentication by SMS to send money (bad, bad, bad, as SMS is broken for 2nd factor SMS… one again the banks put their customers’ financial security at risk through shoddy IT practices). However, if you have your US mobile phone overseas, roaming on a foreign carrier’s network, Zelle will most likely refuse to send you confirmation SMS’s.

My advice is don’t commit to paying for transactions on bisq with Zelle until they offer some other form of 2nd factor authentication. I assume you could still sell, and receive with Zelle with no problem… but I haven’t tested that.