How to withdraw ETH


I’m relatively new to Bitsquare and the Bitcoin World in general.

So, I bought couple of ETH with my bitcoins while using Bitsquare and it seems to worked
fine. But I actually don’t know how to withdraw those ETH into my main ETH-Wallet/Address.

I got the JSON-Contract file out of the transaction, but all I can do is add/watch the contract in my MIST-Wallet. I cannot find a solution how withdraw those ETH from that contract into an address I’m actually able to use for transferring ETH.

Can someone help?


can’t you find those eth on some address in the funds tab?

yes, there is an address that the funds were sent to.

but how do I make this address mine basically, so the ETH belong to me?

you have to transfer to the address you know, through the withdraw tab

I’m confused now… can you be more specific please. I’m sorry, but I’m new to this.

In bitsquare there is no address that holds the ETH.

I only have the ETH address that the money was sent to. I can see it in the Portfolio Tab, when I click on the Trade ID.

other than that, there are no funds for withdraw in the bitsquare app

So, when you setup you crypto account for ETH you provided an ETHER address you can not access, did I get that right?

I just realized that myself…

It was an old address that I don’t use anymore… fml…
I forgot to change it in bitsquare.

Do you guys know any good recovery tools for linux for deleted files?.. damnit… stupid me

there was an article about a guy who ‘recovers’ address access on coindesk a while back but …
hope that …

nevermind, I found a backup copy of that wallet in the deleted files of my cloud… I must be the luckiest idiot of the week, cause it wasn’t really a small sum… :smiley:

so everything is good! Thanks for the help, I’ll try to be less of an idiot next time :smile: :wink: