I am buying virtual currency at ATM. What is the recommended exchange?

I do not have bitcoins, I do not have an exchange or purchasing account. I wanted to buy a virtual currency at the ATM, so I would like to create an account. Do you have any recommended exchanges or purchasing places? The necessary points are as follows.
・ It is highly anonymous because it emphasizes security and privacy
・ No identity verification

Depends on your location I guess. In my experience most ATMs require identification, but you can search for cash trades on localbitcoins. Perhaps someone leaves their phone number or something so you can do the trade old school way.

For smaller amounts you don’t need much security. Later you can use Bisq for bigger sums and benefit from it’s security once you have some BTC for the deposit.

Once upon a time, there was the “starter package” category

But now, it seems no more seeable in the categories ?


  • You may ask a friend to lend you just enough BTC to cover the fees for a 1st trade
  • or, maybe you have some bitcoin meetings in your area ?