I am doing a test: TO BUY 0.007 BTC

I am doing a test: TO BUY 0.007 BTC
My Settings > General Preferences > Withdrawal transaction fee (satoshi/byte) > 444 [x] Use custom value.
Why I need to deposit Total mining fees: 0.006192 BTC?


Custom withdrawal transaction fee only applies to you withdrawing BTC from your Bisq internal wallet. You can not set custom mining fees for funding your trades.

I assume this is because such feature might bring unreliability to the trade, which affects the other trader and the network as well, not just you as in withdrawal transactions. However it might just not be added for other reasons, like focusing development on other aspects of the software.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong!
To buy Bitcoins I must respond to an offer WHERE?
Buy BTC or Sell BTC?

BUY BTC. Either click the Buy BTC button next to someones offer (if there is one)
Create your own and leave your PC ON so that someone else can take it.
From the same BUY screen, bottom right button “Create new offer to BUY BTC with XXX/Currency”

Mining fee is needed as the bisq needs to make a bitcoin transaction. Bisq is like onchain trade.
The withdrawal transaction fee in the setting is only used/relevant when manuallu withdrawing from the funds - send funds screen.

Thank you @shrike.
I made the purchase test offer.
BTC (min-max) = 0.0065.
Is it ok?

I only see:
a sell offer of .005-.0053 min-max (National Banks AU) ING
a buy offer of .005-.0053 min-max (Same Bank AU) ING

With the mining fees currently these small offers are almost not worth taking :slight_smile:

My Payment method is Zelle.

oops, i confused you with another forum member.