I am from US, what is the best deposit option?

#1. Trying to setup my account so i can make a purchase.
As someone from US, what is/are the best deposit options for me at this moment i can use to quickly fund my account?

#2. Any thing i need to be worried about, warnings, tips, recommendations, advices as a new bitsquare user? Just heard about it and now trying it out. Will appreciate all help.

Thanks in advance!!!

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BitSquare is a Peer to Peer exchange network, transaction details a private between you and your counterpart, only you both are in charge to fulfill the contract, BitSquare doesn’t hold your or your counterparts funds.

#1) One needs to own some tiny amounts of BTC to purchase more, any wallet you prefer is fine, and a fiat bank account. Thats all!! No BTC yet, read in the forum some guys offer loans …

#2) Its work in progress … most questions are already ask and answered in the forum or on the website FAQ. There are several other Payment methods avail. than bank transfer, if the one of your choice isn’t there yet let us know …

US users prefer mainly cash deposit or clearXchange for the fiat transfer. Maybe check if you can use clearXchange, it seems a easy to handle.

Warnings: I don’t have any. One of Bitsquare’s main goals is to be ultimately safe. If you’re unsure, maybe try small amounts first.

Tip: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always setup an offer yourself.

Recommendation: Set reasonable terms for your offers and you’ll find a buyer/seller quickly.