I am sure that the seller received my money but the sale does not end

Hi. Two days ago I bought btc through SEPA transfer. I made the payment, and my bank tells me that it has already arrived, that two days are enough, but the seller does not end the transaction. Can I open a dispute before the transaction time limit? Is a serious problem. What protection do I have if the seller keeps my transfer and does not send my btc? Your security deposit is a small fraction of the amount sent! I suspect the seller did not like the latest rise in btc

You have to wait at least 4 days, so the half of the trade period. Then u can open by cmd+o a support ticket. In the next version the offer maker can define the security deposit so adjusting better to the volatility risks. The 0.03 BTC of the peer would be given to you if he does not pay.

No problem. The transaction is now complete. I also noticed that if the seller did not release the BTC I could prove to the arbitrator that I paid the purchase. I did not really have any problems. It’s a really good application, the best.

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Thanks! Might have been a bug with the finalize message. That will be removed in the next release so the process should be more stable then.