I believe I'm getting screwed by a buyer


I sold some bitcoin to a buying offer 3 days ago via Zelle. My bitcoin has been fully confirmed on the network after an hour. The buyer initiated a payment on his side on the first day and Bisq has asking me to confirm the payment. However, I haven’t seen his payment or money transfer at all. I tried to email him couple times in the last 3 days to ask about why I’m not seeing the money yet and I can’t confirm the payment until I see that, but he has not responded to my emails. I have the feeling he’s intentionally ignoring my emails. I have been trading on Bisq many times now from both sides and know that Zelle transaction is almost instant and this is the first time a peer is ignoring my communication.

Let’s assume the transaction go into arbitrator’s decision, will the arbitrator decides who will receive a more favorable result when he gets enough evidence that one party purposely delaying or halting the transaction?


I don’t think so. You can just refuse to trade with that trader in the future and maybe even post his onion address here as a warning, if you want.
I guess you should just wait for the max trade period to elapse and if the payment doesn’t arrive, open a dispute and you will probably receive the buyer’s security deposit for your time.

Thank you. But I thought the security deposit will be used to pay for the arbitrator? Is that not the case?

No. Part of the trading fee goes to the arbitrator when the offer is created. Arbitrator has no benefits if traders misbehave nor if the trade even takes place.
Only traders can get security deposits, even if, for example, the arbitrator decides that only half of the security deposit will be taken from the party that didn’t follow the protocol.