I can not install deb package on Debian Jessie

I’m try to install deb package using dpkg, everything going fine, though i cant run bitsquare.

xx @ debian: ~ $ sudo dpkg -i * .deb
Selecting previously deselected package bitsquare.
(Reading database ... currently installed 142,953 files and directories.)
Prepare for unpacking Bitsquare-32bit-0.4.7.deb ...
Unpacking bitsquare (0.4.7) ...
Adjustable bitsquare (0.4.7) package ...
Adding shortcut to the menu
xx @ debian: ~ $ bitsquare
bash: bitsquare: command not found

Hi @wowwhy, the Debian packages install Bitsquare under the so-called “application software packages” directory, exactly under /opt/Bitsquare, which is not in the user’s $PATH environment variable, thus you must either add that directory to your $PATH or provide the full path to the Bitsquare binary when running it, i.e. /opt/Bitsquare/Bitsquare instead of bitsquare.

Or you may use the provided desktop menu entry and forget about command line issues. :wink: