I can not to connect TOR network (Tor censored country)

hi all
i have installed Bisq and when i wanna to use it i have a problem, i can not connect to TOR network.
i read some old question and answer about this but i can not solve my problem.
i have Tor Browser and connect to it only with a Bridge or obf3 but Bisq not connected.
i have (new fresh system) Win7 and without any antivirus or turn off my windows firewall.

can help me?

tnx for your good software.

Hi @mehdiaj ,
You should go to Settings/Network Info/Open Tor Settings and play with the offered possibilities.
1st you may try to delete the outdated Tor Files.

Are you in a country where Tor is censored ?

you said i must go to “Setting/Network info/Open Tor Setting”, ok but i can not find this, sorry, which setting in where? is it in bisq(i can’t find on it)?
when i open bisq, after some time, it showed me a button with this name “Open Tor Settings” and when i pushed a new window showed me with Tor bridge setting and i tested.

about question, Yes Tor is censored in my country
can i use a VPN for this purpose?


You should see the “Setting” tab in the green navigation bar at the top. It’s after “Support” and before “Account”. Once you click that you’ll find immediately bellow it three tabs “Preferences”, “Network Info” and “About”. Click on “Network info” and scroll all the way down. At the bottom on the left there’s the “Open Tor Settings” button.

afaik, yes.
Some people do that when they have issues with their FAI and/or country.
(But I’m not a Tor specialist).


tnx . i found “Open Tor Setting” when bisq not connected and so it show me the button.
no any green navigation bar showed in bisq application.
you can see it in this link: Screenshot by Lightshot
and when push it this page opened for me: Screenshot by Lightshot

and now it show me a warning error that siad socket closed:

tnx lot

tnx bro i wanna to checket it. i hope vpn worked for me :slight_smile:

Sorry, the green nav bar only appears once you enter Bisq. This seems to be a recurrent problem so maybe you’ll find answers by searching the errors you get here on bisq.community or github.com/bisq-network/bisq/issues