I cannot take any offer anymore

Two days ago, I discovered that Bisq won’t let me take any BTC buy offer. In other terms, I can’t sell any BTC on Bisq anymore.

Every time I try to take an offer, it verifies the validity of the offer for a very unusually large amount of time, then it displays “Timeout reached: Peer has not responded”. Then it tells me that I cannot choose this order because the maker is offline. And that I can withdraw any provisioned funds in the “funds/send funds” thumbnail. And, finally, that I can’t take the offer because it has been cancelled in the meantime.

I see that other users have the same problem. One of them signaled it five days ago, and it doesn’t look like his problem was fixed. So… help, anyone?

Was solved by ensuring user is using Tor v3 addresses and not Tor v2 addresses: Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki

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