I Could not vote :-(

I tried to vote for the first time after missing the first couple. The request link in the spreadsheet isn’t working for me on the latest version of firefox on Win 7. Also, there are 9 requests listed on GitHub, but 11 in the spreadsheet. Also, the GitHub and Issue numbers do not match up so I’m unable to match requests with the relevant vote column. If I’m missing something and doing this wrong, can someone post a pre-dao-live how-to on voting because I’m confused…I also get an orange Validation box that doesn’t work :frowning:

I hate Google Docs but I know it’s just a temporary solution so happy to clunk my way along but need some help, it’s been years.

You were probably looking at the wrong tab in the spreadsheet. Make sure you’re looking at the 2018.01 tab, which you’ll see on the bottom.

As for getting editing access, just send me your email and I’ll invite you directly.

The voting instructions are here, if you missed them: https://github.com/bisq-network/docs/blob/master/dao/phase-zero.adoc#vote-on-compensation-requests


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