I did some work to boost liquidity and also found an interesting link

My area is mostly Siafunds, and between direct and indirect market making, it’s up from 0 BTC earlier in the week to over 12 BTC when I just looked. Siafunds are kind of a special case but if you are able to list coins you want to sell and/or encourage others in communities you are involved in, it can be a real help. The program is way more usable and stable now than even a few months ago, maybe time to give selling another try on the latest version?

I also stumbled across a project trying to solve the distributed marketplace liquidity problem. Anyone here more technical than me able to work out if there are any ideas of merit relevant to Bisq development? It looks to me like something only Manfred could answer but he’s on a well deserved break right now Perhaps he could read it on the beach :slight_smile: Anyway here’s the link…


So, do you have anything you could list for sale? :slight_smile:


P.S. Never heard of siafunds? They are the rarest and most expensive cryptocurrency in existence. You can read about them on the Sia wiki…


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