I don't see open trade

Hi, I accepted the purchase offer in the morning. I didn’t want to wait for the blockchain to confirm. I’ve opened it bisq until now but I don’t see this trade in open trades. In the transactions I see the deducted amount from the morning, which is probably locked (in detail - withdrawal from the wallet). But not visible at the top right.
I have tried to restart the application and the PC several times, but there is no solution.
Can anyone help me please?

I will add that I have BISQ for several months and this was the first problem :-/

Hi thanks for the message.

If you accepted the trade it should be in your open trades. If it is not there but you have it in your transactions this is an issue.

Do you know the Trade ID number (should be in your transactions).

Also check in failed trades and history that the trade ID is not showing there.

You can also reach out to me on Keybase for real time support: Keybase

My username there is: pazza