I forgot my password

I just started using it today, I have forgotten my password, I think I mistyped my original password because I have tried every combination of passwords in my mind, I want to withdraw BTC but I cannot how can I get help ?

Did you save the seed words when you created your Bisq wallet?

Nope! I didn’t I just typed my password and entered it before I could do anything and save my seeds and words after which I couldn’t access the seed words.

In the future you shouldn’t deposit any BTC in your account before you save the seed words, as you are the only one who control your private keys in Bisq.

If you have BTC on your internal Bisq wallet (check if transactions are confirmed if you deposited some) and if the wallet is encrypted and you don’t know the password or seed words, I am not sure that you can do anything other than try to brute force it, since you seem to know mostly what your password is.

Hopefully @ManfredKarrer can assist us with this and give you any advice.

Thanks, I’m not too sure how to do that myself. Yeah I have around some BTC deposited I’ll like to withdraw can I get some assistance on further how to get in?

If the transferred btc are not confirmed try to make a double spend from the external wallet from where u sent it. It is not easy though if you did not use a “replace by fee” tx. If you used a RFB just make another tx with higher fee.

If you have no backup and no seed words you cannot do much beside trying all possible combinations with typos etc… Maybe u find one who can write u a small script for that.
If you have OSX with time machine you can check if u had a backup before u set the password.

Transferred btc is confirmed and I am on windows. So no help I could get from the team right?

@ManfredKarrer I have a backup before I set up the password how can I help myself out with it?

Can you just restore from that backup? You should try, after making a backup of your current encrypted wallet of course.

That’s great with the old backup you get your btc out. You can open the wallet in a text editor and there you see the seedwords in the beginning. Use that to restore from seeds at the startup screen there is a button to restore. The you have the same wallet but unencrypted.

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