I found a bug

I withdrew bitcoins from my wallet and after 48 hours it has not made it even 1 block. https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/address/1JwtpNsidByV2CoT8mR8jdHaowvd6q5YAu/ amount of 0.00917540 BTC. Transaction ID ff6559394227764646dc2ebfffb1987a87723d8a293423b736183c02819c90d7
Wallet address originator 13s1JQEQFPaCpZC7bCJTBkdsmS7JuYPLA5

When sending, the option for to include fee or not to include fee did not work or change the total amount.

Seems like your transaction hasn’t broadcasted to the network for some reason, which means your Bitcoins are still in your wallet.

Try using cmd+e or even deleting the SPV chain file in Settings to get your funds out.
In worst case scenario, you would have to export your private keys and withdraw from another wallet, which is quite easy to do.

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