I got ripped off

Seller took the money and the bitcoin.

Perhaps the deposit should be twice greater than the amount of toshies being offered, this way he who walks off will end up loosing twice the market value. In addition to that, accounts must be 14 days old before a transaction can take place. The seller who took my money account was only 1 day old.

Care to explain it better? I imagine you were the BTC buyer? How come the BTC seller get also the trade funds?

I am the BTC buyer

Do continue.

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Please send some form of proof-of-scamed.
Also, send seller and arbitrator’s information so that others may be informed.


@jkfdafikskagndsajd @C-the-man
Please do not share personal info. Yours or of third parties. But yes, @C-the-man, do share how you as a BTC buyer was scammed. It’s something very rare to come across so it’d be great if you could share your case with us.