I have looked but found nothing

first and formost…erughm…HAPPY NEY YEAR!!!

secondly, and accepting the fact im relatively new to all this, I have found nothing better than bisq thus far in my search for a straightforward/simple exchange. I was sort of “forced” to use coinbase following nicehashes’ hack and ill admit I REALLY wanted to like it (aside the fact your privacy goes straight out the window), but bank verification still hasn’t gone through (after over a week) and the horror stories iv read of assets being frozen simply for sending you cryptos to a “rival” platform was a major turn off…

where coinbased surpassed bisq, aside the collateral fee we “bisqers” (TM :wink: ) need to pay in order to insure the safe functioning of our beloved platform, is the direct exchange it offers. none of that posting an offer and leaving the pc running with hope a buyer will come along. now i understand this is the whole point of a decentralized platform where the power is in the user but still, the possibility of an instant exchange to FIAT would be nice.

you’ll probably argue that one could simple post the offer under market values to attract a buyer and that would more or less compensate the fees that coinbase has in place, and you would certainly be right, but you are still faced with that “waiting” period.

I guess what im trying to say is that iv tried to find an alternative but have failed to find one I like more that bisq. so…you know…I love you guys…

P.S android app a possibility or self defeating/to complicaited?

Happy new year Asio!

Yeah, the speed of the trade is limited by the payment methods, so the entire problem is on banks being slow in general. But if you can get a quick payment method then it is possible to get a trade quickly done.

In Bisq you can’t deposit your fiat and trade later, that is the only thing that makes it slower in certain cases. For traders that don’t keep their fiat in exchanges in for a short while, Bisq is just as fast, but for others it is unfortunately slower.

Eventually there is a possibility that traders in Bisq become like little centralized exchanges or that centralized exchanges become part of Bisq, so you would optionally have all the benefits of centralized trading at the price of benefits of decentralization. This could happen even with today’s protocol, so it is probably just a matter of time, but users will always have an option.

PS: As Bisq is developed in Java, it will probably not be to difficult to create an app, it is maybe just that the app is taking too much resources for a smart phone. It would be somewhat similar to running Bitcoin full nodes on the phone, just without the need for hundreds of GB of space.
Perhaps some sort of a light client could be created, but it would of course be most secure if you connected to your PC over your phone, which in a way you could already probably do that with some screen sharing apps (maybe TeamViewer is on Android?).

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ah smart cookie! team viewer could definitely be an easy work around, dont know why i didnt think of that… I also have a pi 3 catching dust and if im not mistaken a bisq version for jessie does exist. I could use the Pi as a dedicated trader…

With the upcoming bisq api, market makers will be able to run trading bots, which should react quickly and enable much faster crypto/crypto trades. Especially if two bots are trading with eachother.