I have not received the multisig deposit return back

Dear Bisq mediator community,

One of my recent Bisq trades is brought to mediation due to taker’s client not letting him confirm the payment. After, I manually confirmed with the mediator that I have received the payment and (s)he can confirm the transaction, the final BTC amount was transferred to the buyer’s account, and I have not received back my security deposit.

I can not reach the mediator again, since the case is greyed out in my client, and I have no means to reach to the mediator. My questions:

  1. How in the first place it is possible that transaction goes through without my security deposit being returned? Should not protocol be strict about the way that transaction moves.

  2. In cases like this, is there a manual contact option so that I can reach the mediator–through his onion handle over the client?

Thank you for your help,


See this to know how to get your mediator’s onion address and then please join us on the #support channel on the Bisq Keybase team.

It is most likely a display bug more than anything else, I would resync bisq SPV chain, your deposit is one of the outputs of the multisig, so seeing as that completed successfully you should have received funds. Either that or the mediator suggested your deposit go to the other party and you accepted.