I just lost all my coins off of the Bisq exchange [resolved]


Manfred was wondering if you had a Bitcoin full node running with specific configuration (pruned mode) on your PC. If you have Bitcoin Core program on your computer running and you are not storing 200 GB of data then your Bisq client will experience issues.

Try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and restarting Bisq.
As I said, as long as you have your seed words and no open trades, your funds are safe.


I am knowledge deficient in programing. I don’t know what you are asking. I can follow the directions you gave me.


It’s pretty bad to play with your money if you haven’t got slightest clue what you are doing.

BISQ has keys backup, you should already have seed stored somewhere.

Your wallet “recovery” can’t show you different balance than you have (0.25 instead of 0.72) because it’s not fullnode balance and there’s no way it’s not synced.

Nothing you wrote makes a sense. You are totally ignoring any advice you’ve got. You didn’t spend 5 minutes using Google to have slightest idea what the recovery about.


It’s alright, no need to be rude to new users. We all had to start from somewhere.

@jerryk Go to Settings and click on the button that says “Delete SPV chain file”.


In the last 6 months, I have bought $60,000.00 of BTC from your site, so I would not say I have no knowledge. I know investing but not programing. You need investors Like me to make you site successful.

Deleting the SPV and resyning did not return my missing funds.


Try pressing cmd+e to access your emergency wallet.


Where do I find cmd?


Try pressing alt button and e on your keyboard at the same time.


I have tried alt +e in different parts of the program, but nothing happens.


The support here is phenomenal! The best decentralized exchange is BISQ.


You can also try ctrl or that windows button instead of alt. It should be one of those.


Ctl +e worked. My true BTC are safely tucked away in my wallet. Thank you for your help.