I received funds as seller but buyer did not receive BTC


I made a selling offer a month ago and the buyer did indeed send me the funds (transfer). However, I was travelling and forgot to unlock the funds. I logged in around 15 days later and saw a support ticket.
I answered in the support ticket that I indeed received the funds and the buyer should receive his BTC.

Now the support ticket disappeared and the buyer found a way to contact me using my bank details. He says that he still did not receive the BTC. I have no way to see the transaction other that the wallet transactions where I have proof the BTC was sent to the tx address.

We both have all details of the transaction. Who should I contact and submit the details to ? I want to confirm that I received the transfer so the buyer gets his funds.


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@arbitrator1 @Arbitrator2 @keo

hi, can you post the tx ID?

I sent all details in PM. Thaks

I do not see this dispute so I cannot do anything.

Via private message he told me the tx ID is 3522570 . I told him to check the arbitrator’s onion address because I can’t find the trade on my disputes. Check if you see it in yours

Thanks for your honesty!
What is the arbitrator onion address? You see it at the trade details.

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I’m asking the buyer to provide these details. For me, the trade is not visible on the history, it just became an open trade again.

I will update as soon as I have more info.


ok thanks!

Hi Manfred,

i am the taker in the proces.
is there anything i can do to close the trade?


See the trade details in attachment.