I think I lost $685 because of a Bitsquare Error

I sent all my btc to Bitsquare thinking it was awesome and at the next day it gives me an error that I can’t even start/open the wallet. WTF?

Cannot open wallet because of an exception:
org.bitcoinj.store.BlockStoreException: org.bitcoinj.store.BlockStoreException: Header bytes do not equal SPVB

That is probably a minor issue with a corrupted Bitsquare.spvchain file. Navigate to the application directory.

Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bitsquare
Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Bitsquare
Windows 7,8: C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bitsquare
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Bitsquare

One u are in the app directory navigate to mainnet/bitcoin there u see the Bitsquare.spvchain file. Shut down the app. Make a backup of the file and remove it. Then start again and it should work. Might take longer to resync.
If it still has an issue then the wallet file is corrupted. Let me know then I will assist you. But make a backup of the whole data directory just in case!


It worked! Thanks so much.

Should have probably tried with less money at first, but glad it worked out in the end.

Nice name by the way, love the show. :smiley:

You can always recover the wallet as long as u have your seed words plus the date.
If you wan’t to store your bitcoins in a safe place get a hardware wallet like ledgerwallet / trezor / keepkey and transfer only for your trades to the bitsquare wallet. the private key will never leave the hardware wallet which will protect your btc even on compromised systems.


Thanks for emphasizing that!!!