I upgraded to 1.9.1 and the wallet associated with 1.8.4 is gone!

Hi! When I had Bisq version 1.8.4 installed, I funded my account by sending BTC to the address given to me. After I uninstalled it and then installed version 1.9.1, that wallet address is gone and my account shows 0 BTC in version 1.9.1??? What happened to the wallet address I funded and why is it not showing up after I upgraded Bisq? I can see the wallet and funds at https://mempool.space. How do I get my money back?

Edit: Before I uninstalled, I did back up my account. I restored my account by moving backup files into .local/share/Bisq/. But still I do not see the original wallet.

You don’t need to uninstall Bisq to update Bisq.
Probably the issue is that Bisq created a new account and that’s what it’s using. One way to acknowledge that is if you had a password that’s not being required now to access Bisq.

My guess is that this was not done correctly.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. Yes it makes sense what you are saying. I guess I should not have uninstalled Bisq. But are you saying unless I can get the backup files to work, I am SOL? because I read here Data directory - Bisq Wiki is the default location where the backup files should go. As I mentioned I copied my backup files into .local/share/Bisq/ (for linux) and I did not see any changes.

You are right. My password is not there anymore. I just tired restoring my backup files again and same thing. It will not take them. Don’t know why it is not taking them.

your backup files will still contain the same wallet keys, it’s just that the new bisq installation might not know its tx history, have you tried Settings > Network > Delete SPV file and resync?