I want to bisq designed goods!

I love bisq’s cat.
So I want to buy designed T-Shirts, coffee mag and bag.
Did you make these goods?

Best regards.


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No, sorry :smiley: Bisq doesn’t sell any merchandise

We would love if someone from the community produces such things. The current contributors are too busy with other things…


@ManfredKarrer A friend of mine made some t-shirts with this website a while back:
Iirc, he just sent the image / logo (e.g. bisq cat) and people could buy it from the teespring website.
He then got a bit of money from them.


The website seems cool. They even have the option to directly give all the proceeds to charity.
I think giving to charity such as Human rights watch (one of the listed) would be a good idea.

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That’s a great idea!
I’d get something too :wink:

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Great page! Let me know once he has listed Bisq!

@ManfredKarrer I think you should do it :wink:
In the end, you own the rights to the logo… :blush:

Just for an example, here’s how our little social network’s “shop” looks like… :blush:

To all

Thank you for providing information. Upload the material data to test and see the preview in the test, it is super cute !!!

However, since there seems to be a minimum lot, I think that buying by individuals is a bit more awkward.

If you publish it and sell it, you think that there is a right issue such as trademark right to the logo, so it may be better for the right holder to do it.

Also if we do give all the proceeds to charity, email address of the account will be listed as donor. So some email with “bisq” written in it would probably be better than someones private email address.

It is pretty easy to use, I created a design for a t-shirt with bisq logo in minutes.

Unfortunately I don’t have time for that. I will discuss how we deal with the copyright issue but basically we are OK if people use it as long the Logo is not abused in any form.

I agree @alexej996 !
The first crypto exchange to support charities :blush: @ManfredKarrer Maybe you can have Alex make it, then :slight_smile:

Sure feel free Alexej if you have time!

I will gladly look into it later on :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to it!

It seems like I would need some higher resolution Bisq logo if I was to use Teespring to design Bisq apparel.
I am not sure if anyone has high resolution Bisq logo image, like wallpaper size, with at least 1000 pixels in hight?

I sent you some files by email…

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Usually when I design App icons 1024x1024 is standard :wink:
The images for web etc. are then derived from the hi-res ones.

A great idea.