I want to Buy BTC for USD

Do I press the BuyBTC button to see offers to sell? If so, there are no current offers. Behind the SellBTC button, there are 5 offers. Are those people who have BTC to sell?

In the main screen of Bisq you have a huge yellowish button that says “I want to buy BTC with USD”, if you selected USD as currency in the drop down menu.

This will display all the offers where you can buy bitcoins with USD.

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I found an offer to sell. And accepted the offer. But it timed out. Here’s the log file:

Dec-23 11:52:19.389 [JavaFX-Launcher] INFO i.b.g.a.BisqApp: Log files under: C:\Users\Soros\AppData\Roaming\Bisq\bisq
Dec-23 11:52:19.391 [JavaFX-Launcher] INFO i.b.c.u.Utilities: System info: os.name=Windows 7; os.version=6.1; os.arch=amd64; sun.arch.data.model=64; JRE=1.8.0_131-b11 (Oracle Corporation); JVM=25.131-b11 (Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM)
Dec-23 11:52:21.735 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO i.b.c.n.CoreSeedNodesRepository: seedNodeAddresses=[723ljisnynbtdohi.onion:8000, fl3mmribyxgrv63c.onion:8000, s67qglwhkgkyvr74.onion:8000, 3f3cu2yw7u457ztq.onion:8000, rm7b56wbrcczpjvl.onion:8000, jhgcy2won7xnslrb.onion:8000, 5quyxpxheyvzmb2d.onion:8000, ef5qnzx6znifo3df.onion:8000]
Dec-23 11:52:21.750 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO i.b.c.p.ProvidersRepository: selected baseUrl=http://rb2l2qale2pqzjyo.onion/, providerList=[http://xc3nh4juf2hshy7e.onion/, http://ceaanhbvluug4we6.onion/, http://44mgyoe2b6oqiytt.onion/, http://5bmpx76qllutpcyp.onion/, http://rb2l2qale2pqzjyo.onion/]
Dec-23 11:52:21.810 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO i.b.c.a.Version: 00000000000000000001c3cbbb40cf96d776563a39a1be4558f3e95464ac0ca9
Dec-23 11:56:08.036 [Wallet autosave thread] INFO o.b.w.WalletFiles: Background saving wallet; last seen block is height 500723, date 2017-12-23T18:55:39Z, hash 00000000000000000001c3cbbb40cf96d776563a39a1be4558f3e95464ac0ca9
Dec-23 11:56:08.089 [Wallet autosave thread] INFO o.b