I want to create whole new seeds


I created a temporary wallet in which the seeds may have been compromised. I uninstalled Bisq and reinstalled it. I thought this would clear everything, but my account and email information were still there. Since I did not write down the seeds for the temporary/try out account, I am not sure if these seeds are the same or different? Does uninstalling and reinstalling bisq reset the seeds/private key? If not, how do I reset it? I was surprised that my account information was still there.

Thanks for your help!

I am pretty sure that you still have your old wallet used by Bisq, which was generated from those seed words.

In order to remove any past data in Bisq you can delete the data directory, this will make Bisq behave as if it was run for the first time on the computer.

You can find the data directory in following locations based on your operating system:

  • Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bisq
  • Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Bisq
  • Windows 7,8,10: C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bisq
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Bisq

I uninstall using IObit Uninstaller. Thats all OK.

Windows 10