IBAN checks not possible do to german (?) privacy policy

Hey everyone,

just wanted to say, that I recently contacted the bank that I use for Bisq trades and asked, why the senders IBAN/BIC/BLZ is missing from all bank transfer statements. The bank says: They cannot provide the IBAN anymore, because (german) privacy law prohibits the inclusion of it. I should ASK the sender for this data if I needed it.

What this means is that I cannot check senders IBAN, but only its name.

Looks like we cannot do anything about it? What do you guys think?


Doesn’t make sense to me because I have bank accounts at 2 German banks and 3 banks abroad (in EU countries) and the sender’s IBAN is shown for every single transaction. I guess it’s just an excuse for something else. I’d ask them to which law they are referring to.

Which bank are you talking about?

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Absolutely, this doesn’t make sense to me either. I have two bank accounts and neither of those is showing senders IBAN - only names. These are:

GLS Bank

Will ask both banks about this to get more details.

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