IBAN problem when creating account SEPA

I have a problem when I add new account SEPA(Euro) my iban number is 35 characters I give an example: PL 74 1050 1461 1000 0097 0911 1111 bisq only accepts 34 characters if I delete a space somewhere it shows me an error.Account with payment National bank transfer created without problems.
Best regards and please help

Not sure, but shouldn’t it be PL74 instead of PL 74 ?

All IBANs need to be without spaces. Remove all spaces in your IBAN and save it

-Fellow SEPA trader

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When I do PL74, I have a message ,Non -alfhanumeric character detected"

Can you remove the IBAN from the textbox entirely, switch your input method to English and type the IBAN in? Worked for me

Thank you for your help, I had to enter it manually without spaces there was an error when pasting from the clipboard

Best regards and thank you again

Don’t mention it :slight_smile: Good luck with trading