Icon FUGLY on Mac OS/X!

Guys… the BISQ icon on Mac, OS X… is… argh fugly


Boxed square with the cool green CAT, no no no… needs to be properly round/transparent and shadowed etc as others.

Someone please fire up your Photoshop and FIX this next version!!! My eyes they bleed… LOL

P.S. {Edit} yes yes yes I know I know… I’m not using up to date OS X. Fucking shoot me but goddammit I’m sticking with 10.9.5 until they pry it outta my cold dead hands: I absolutely hate the “modern trend” to remove all skeumorphism and ‘flatten’ every damn thing in the UI. Hate it. Hate it HATE IT. 'Nuff said…

It would be the best if you post an issue about it on GitHub, since devs don’t always check the forum regularly.

OK I’ll try… not sure if I remember my login on GitHub though. Been a while since I was on there.