[Idea/Feature request] Password protected offers


I have an idea, not sure though if it’s possible to implement.

Is there a way to set up password protected offers to make sure that only a specific person, which got the password from the person setting up the trade, can take the offer?

Do you have a certain use case in mind for that? If you want to trade with one you know then you don’t need Bitsquare probably. But there might be interesting use cases for such a feature.
Currently we don’t have time to add thing which are not hi prio but feel free to explore that idea more.

Guess avgeca wants to use Bitsquare as clearing platform for ‘larger’ size (act. max. is only 2 BTC !!), i.e. crossing prearranged trades and have certainty of delivery/payment.

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Can you explore how that works in details and how that can be secure?

heya, thanks a lot for the replies so far :slight_smile:

I have a few special use cases in mind. For instance a new upcoming user group that doesnt want the big fees at shapeshift or register at any kyc/aml endangered exchange. Those users would benefit from some one having an exchange offer at certain marketplaces that allows them the exchange of xmr<->btc at spot price for a fixed and fair price of the offer. That way they would benefit from the scam protection of the market the listing is at and have the guarantee of a safe and working exchange via bitsquares multisig. The person who would offer that service would of course like to make sure that only the person he’s in contact with is able to take the offer on bitsquare.
I already know that the user base for this exists and tbh I don’t want to be too specific as there is some nice money in it :wink:
The markets where the users are coming from don’t offer the possibility to transfer funds directly, so a low fee but safe external exchange is needed. And if it comes with a easy to access wallet attached it’s even better.

The same as any other trade with the additional feature that I ‘know’ but not necessarily ‘trust’ my counter party 100% to make a direct cash transaction or do not want to carry large cash volumes with me. Or someone may be concerned about his/her bank relationship. If, for e.g. someone wants to exchange 10.000 CHF in BTC, how many Bitsquare transactions would that be? To many! The only thing someone would want to make sure is ‘reciprocal and simultaneous, concurrent, conditional upon the counter-performance’ or ‘Leistung Zug um Zug’. And Bitsquare’s ‘trade process’ provides that. Certainly there is still the chargeback possibility. Do people that know each other publish fake orders/offers? In any way both parties must agree anyway! There is no security because ‘Manfred lets you transact only 2 BTC’. There is only the hope that its not enough a incentive for scammers. But, in some parts of this world 2 BTC is a nice ‘outcome’. Anyway, that is not the ‘known’ person I am dealing with in the example!

What ‘details’ are you interested?

me again, capitalist that I am I have to ask :wink:

Is there a way to donate my way up on the prio list? or would this feature be something bounty worthy?

Indeed, for capitalists, there is a way. Go and get a freelancer to implement the features you desire in the open source software :wink:

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yes, that’s what I meant with bounty worthy! :slight_smile:
I’d be happy to pay for it (maybe others too, who knows) as no good deed should go ungranted.
Are there already coders besides the bitsquare core familiar enough with the code base? What do you think would be a fair bounty reward?

You are the only requesting that feature. So, no clue whats your marginal utility :wink:

Usually nobody picks up a bounty if its to low, but you always can increase it !

Another idea, maybe you can persuade Manfred to have a market for each items on his todo-list. He or other devs can publish and determine the cost involved to realize each requested feature and people could fund it. No funds, no action. As his resources are limited his priority is naturally to secure the finances of the Bitsquare project with the synergetic company.

A private sale on Bitsquare would defeat the purpose which is to provide an open market for all users. If implemented it would also open up a point of attack since we could be accused of allowing money laundering via KYC/AML free closed transactions.

If @avgeca wants and needs something like this he should fork the code and build his own system.