Idea: New special 0.0065 btc transaction in order to make it easy for new users to start

Why not create a special type of transaction with 0% security deposit in order to help the new users to get their first btc needed to start trading? The idea is open to improvements, but basically I was thinking maker and taker fees must be payed in BSQ by the seller. Doesn’t matter who is the maker and who is the taker.

The seller takes the risk and the system automatically charges in fiat 2x the fees from the buyer in this special type of transaction (limited to 0.0065 BTC). Once the transaction is concluded, the seller receive this compensation in BSQ to cover the fees and also grant him a special premium for helping to increase the number of new users.

If there is any problem with the transaction there is no compensation and the seller lose the funds. Some selles will choose to accept the risk, others not.

I don’t think that Bisq should allow trading without security deposit (which is the most basic security element at Bisq). This kind of trading should happen somewhere else, even for small amounts.

Also, rewarding anonymous sellers opens the possibility of self trading just to get that reward.

There was a similar proposal at

Edit: fix link to similar proposal.

I think the reward isn’t even necessary. It’s a free market so the seller should be warned that he has to pay the fees and then he can price it in his listing. I think it would be a lucrative market for sellers who sell to new buyers. You can sell small amounts with a ~10% premium and it’s still a win-win situation because the new user buys BTC anonymously and can keep buying on normal markets.
Might be also an idea to inrease security standards on these special transactions because there is no security deposit: BTC the new user bought get locked a week or even longer.

Perfect, jonathon. It is another way to do it. My point is users should not feel bad paying a good premium. They should understand it is a fair reward to someone who risk thelselves just to help them to start trading without using btc from a centralized exchange in order to do this.

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MnM, I understand your point. I think jonathon just improved my idea. It could be more simple: trades of 0.006 could have the 0% security deposit option and the sellers would choose the premium they think it is fair for the risks.

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I agree that making it easier for new users to start would be a positive thing for Bisq and increase trading volumes.

What is the reasoning for the security deposit to be a minimum of 0.006 BTC?

Could the trade fee percentage be fixed to a minimum percentage of 15%. This would mean the deposit would be proportionate to the trade amount.

As a someone that trades regularly on Bisq I would be happy to take on the risk that small transaction sizes are more likely to result in mediation due to new buyers not being familiar with the trading protocol.I appreciate lowering deposit amounts would end up in more mediation, but I think the negatives of this would be counteracted by the positives of an increase in trade volume, and the on-boarding on new users who may otherwise choose not to trade on Bisq given the current high deposit amounts for starting trades.

Having an agreed protocol for mediation / arbitration would also make traders more happy to increase their number of offers. I think this has been proposed a few times in GitHub. Currently when a trade goes to mediation for the same reasons eg, unresponsive buyer, no payment method available etc, the proposed outcomes can be different each time (eg, return of funds and deposit, return of funds and deposit and partial counter party deposit, return of funds and deport and full counter party deposit).

I think having an established mediation protocol would give all users more security about trading on Bisq, and would hopefully allow for security deposits to be more proportional to trade size.

What is the reasoning for the security deposit to be a minimum of 0.006 BTC?

Could the trade fee percentage be fixed to a minimum percentage of 15%. This would mean the deposit would be proportionate to the trade amount.

I think that the reason for min security deposit is that very small amounts could have no impact for the trader and make him not follow the trading protocol. This amount can be lowered via DAO, maybe it’s time for that.

But remember that small trading amounts, even if they’re friendlly for new users, won’t be very normal as long as BTC use increases, because costs of mining fees will be increasing.