Ideas for payment methods

First of all I want to thank you for Bisq. I think it’s great and I love it but I wish the market was more active. I have some ideas for features you may take into consideration;

  1. My bank supports the ability to transfer in many different currencies via SEPA. Pls consider adding options for this so that it is possible to take offers in other currencies using the same account. Or do you suggest I add the same bank account information in each different currency? (I haven’t tried this yet)

  2. Why is there no PayPal option, are they considered too risky in that they may lock funds? I know they require ID and address validation to enable receiving larger amounts but perhaps Bisq can limit the transaction amount as it does with SEPA. I see several advantages:

  • It would open up the market internationally. As it is now it seems each currency is trading among themselves.
  • Very popular, arguably the Internet’s preferred payment method of recent years. Many people have a PayPal account so it could increase Bisq users.
  • Instantaneous transactions.
  1. Not related to payment methods but ability to sort offers by column would be nice!
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We can’t really use PayPal because of a high chargeback risk. Bisq only supports payment methods that are very difficult to reverse.

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That makes sense. I wish there were other alternatives that could enable intercontinental trades.

What are the possibilities of Bisq as a company taking credit card payments and escrowing the funds? They could even charge a small fee for the service, as long as it is lower than CoinB!

There was a topic recently about a request for adding international SWIFT payments.

Bisq is not a company, I would say, it never will be. The whole idea of Bisq is that it is a decentralized exchange. It is a decentralized P2P network that is created by open source Bisq clients adding centralization would be quite pointless in Bisq. So I would say zero chance.

My thread was inspired by the one regarding SWIFT payments, decided to create a new one to avoid messing up the discussion they had going there.

Anyway, I totally see your point. But providing an escrow service wouldn’t necessarily mean compromising the idea of decentralization. Bisq already uses third-parties as to handle transactions and this would just be an optional component of their base decentralized model, another transaction option.

After looking around a bit CashApp and Revolut are services that seem like they could be taken into consideration. I haven’t done my research on them yet so not clear on how they work but they appear to be interesting as potential candidates for transaction handling.

I am not sure on what you mean by using third parties to handle transactions.
If you are referring to bitcoinJ library, that is just an open source dependency, not a third party service. The idea is that Bisq is trustless, using it as a company would require a lot of trust in my opinion and make censorship easier. Currently there is no way to censor Bisq.