If you are like Bisq, rate it now!

Hi all! It is very important to promote Bisq. More traders come, better for everybody.
If Bisk rating is low, nobody can see it, we need to keep Bisq on top of major info crypto sites.
And it depends on you, Bisq users.
It is easy to help and take a just few min. On following link, register, (if you don’t want to give your email, use disposable mail,like https://www.mailinator.com/)
After registration confirmation, go to the same link, mark 5 stars!!!( not 4 or 3 it will make Bisq bad rating), type a few good words about Bisq, click" review" button".

At this moment there only a few reviews, and it is limited to one review per person.

As well, try to talk about Bisq on any forums, chats, etc and post some reviews on different sites. it will help promote too.

Thanks to ALL! :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the promotion you have done for Bisq! :smiley: