Ignore traders

I have added the address of a trader in the field “Ignore traders with onion address:” but the trader can still trade with me.

Is this a bug?
Is there a limit on how many traders one can enter?

Can you send me a screenshot of the settings screen? maybe there is an issue with the format how u added it. no there is no limit.

Thanks. I just checked the code and seems the onion check is only done at the offer book but not for the other side (that your offers cannot be taken). Will fix that for the next version.

Year later, seems to be still a problem.

Is it currently impossible to block scammers in bisq?

I just tested that, and it works for me. You need to use the onion address with the .onion at the end and separate it with comma. eg. uqxi3zrpobhtoes1.onion, edxi3zrpobhtoes1.onion

Can you give more info what you use and how it does not work?

Ok. When I do that, and restart the application, all the addresses are still there, but the .onion is no longer on them.

Right now, have a trade going on with one of the addresses on the list, which he was able to take.

Can you PM me the list?

Found the bug and fixed it. Was not working to prevent ignored taker of taking the offer.