I'm going to lose my monero? what can I do? help me

I sold my monero, I sent the binance,I sent the binance to the person and she did not confirm

I sent the prints, and he said that

''You need to use a Monero wallet where you can proof the sending as described in the popup when you created the account! Hope the peer confirms receipt as with XMR the arbitrator has no way to fin evidence of the tx beside the BTC buyers proof of sending (with monero UI wallet).""

I said that he can enter my binance account and see that I send

but he did not answer

what can I do?

You need to open a dispute with cmd+o and let the arbitrator know.

I am not sure what it means to send binance, but in future you need to actually send the Monero to the specified address in order to complete the trade. You can’t improvise during trading, as you will break the trading protocol and risk loosing your deposit.

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I sent the address right!! bisq1|690x387 bisq2

binance.com, know?

You can enter my binance account and see that I’ve sent

Oh, you just sent over binance that’s all.

That kinda defeats the purpose of privacy offered by Monero for you and the other trader. If your trade is not in dispute already, the other trader could still accept your payment, but there is no guarantee.

Either way you are not going to lose your Monero, arbitrator should either unlock the BTC funds to you or ask the other trader to return the payment.

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Sorry, I did not know I could not send from an exchange

Next time, I’ll send it from my wallet, not the exchange

the arbitrator did not answer me :frowning:

If it has been more than 24h since his last response, you can look up his onion address so we can contact him here in case the message was lost.