I'm new and want to make a test trade

I just installed bitsquare and I want to make a test trade. For that I would like to have a partner to trade a small amount with me and to help me with any problems on that way.
I have 0.03 deposit in another wallet.

Thanks, nils

Hi nils00,

great to have you on board :slight_smile:

There’s no need to make a test trade. The trade process should be smooth and straight forward. There’s not much that can go wrong.


  • Make sure to read the popups carefully and act accordingly.
  • Start using small amounts to familiarize yourself with the software
  • If you cannot find an offer that suits your needs, create one yourself. If it’s reasonable, it will be accepted quickly.
  • When you fund a trade from an external wallet, make sure to use a proper fee. Most delays in trades have it’s roots in unsufficiently funded transactions from external wallets.
  • It would be best practice to use a fiat payment method that you’re already familiar with.

If you get stuck, you can still come back to get help. In close to 3000 trades, no funds were ever lost.

Ok, indeed, it was not hard.
Now I have a pending transaction where I bought a small amount of BTC via SEPA. What cought my eye is that my SEPA address seems to be visible to my contract partner too. Why is this necessary or is there a way to avoid this? (I could have used any arbitrary I find in the internet, which I did not)

Thanks, Nils

Great to hear!

Traders get each others banking info to avoid (create more friction) man-in-the-middle attacks. The account used in Bitsquare has to be used for the payment, otherwise the contract is considered broken.

The seller sees your SEPA info anyway when he receives the payment so it’s no additional privacy leak.

Ah, I understand.
But let me tell you this: The account I registered for SEPA has no online banking. Thus I took a different for the transaction. My transaction partner will receive the money, but from a different account.
I assume the best case scenario is he/she just accepted the trade by referring to the transactionID from the SEPA. What would be the worst case scenario? How would that person prove it’s not from my registered account?

Thanks a lot for answering those questions to a rookie.

I recommend that you register an account that you can actually use for online banking. No one has access to your accounts, so no need to worry.

Bitsquare is still in it’s infancy and we serve a small (but great) crowd. By using a different account you broke the contract, but people here are nice and understanding and the trade should go well.

It’s good to know that every little detail of the protocol serves a purpose which is trader’s safety. The combination of rules and requirements contributes to your own gain.

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