I'm the victim of a Bisq scam

The buyer put an offer on, and I selected it to sell my BTC. The Buyer wanted to pay with SEPA, and then claimed funds had been sent. But I never received the funds, even though I received other payments before and after the claimed send date. Alas, despite showing my evidence (including a video of my banking app, and a official tx PDF of my bank) the moderator ruled in favor the buyer. Meaning I am going to lose around 1850 EUR, since I lose my BTC.

Hopefully the arbitrator will make a better call than the moderator did!

If the BTC are not released yet, you don’t have to agree with mediator’s suggestion.
Open arbitration as soon as possible, to review the case. You’ll be able to open arbitration by rejecting mediator’s suggestion 20 days since the trade started.

The mediation proposal is just that, a proposal, Both parties need to sign it in order for the payout to be made. Having said that, on this case you stopped answering to the mediator for over 48hrs (Table of penalties - Bisq Wiki) which means that the mediator is left with evidence from the buyer and can’t contrast it with you. Please remember to always respond within 48hrs when a dispute opens.

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